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Transsexual: 20y (France) 20.7k visits

4 videos - 19 favs - 31 photos

I'm a french enby who just turned 18. I love people and art and I sometimes share some pics so hmu if you're interested ^-^ I have a penis if you need to know and my snap is vesta_divinum (I don't use it a lot, dm here if you can ^-^), have a great day~


Transsexual: 22y (USA) 65.8k visits

91 favs - 86 photos

Im a freindly transsexual College student in Connecticut. Im 19. Im going to try hard to bring you the best perverted sex vids and pics because I want to help you get your big fat dick erect, and help you ejaculate all over yourself. I wish I could suck all your pretty cocks, unfortunately I cant. Ill let you pick me up and Ill blow you if youre in the area I love to give sloppy head to random men. I have a fantasy where I want to go into a prison and let all of the big strong ruthless men and sex offenders gangbang me, and subject me to their sick deviant perversions unload their filthy, evil balls up my ass and down my throat. I want to taste their loads of sin and get slapped around and humiliated, pissed on and left nearly drowning to death in a massive pool of all the mens cum, spit sweat and piss to where I'm so cum-glazed in the nasty pretty fuckslime that I cant pry myself off the prison cell floor. I want them to make me leave naked and obscenely drenched in babygoo as I walk away in public to ask for a phone.. I want people to see me as the sluttiest sight they ever saw, I want to feel stupid. I have "daddy issues" .I need to be abused and.degraded sexually, physically and verbally. Feel free to leave comments saying anything you want to me, you can be horribly disgustingly rude I am new here and trying to make friends and build a huge collection of pics of cocks and boys and cum and transsexuals. I also advise that ALL straight men watch Sissy-Hypno, I challenge men to watch it for a week non-stop, or are you too scared of becoming attracted to things your masculine ego and our society repressed in you? Try it and see. WARNING FOR THE PRUDENT MINDED: Im a horny and very sexually twisted bratty little baby gurl. I like to write my fantasies explicitly.Im a very sexual person. Im the most sexually open- minded and non- judgmental gurl you can meet. I love you for your sexual attractions, and I adore and admire all of your peversions. I believe everyone should just be bisexual and should fuck eachother. Orgies everywhere with everyone. Families all sleeping in one big fuckbed.I LOVE ALL GAY PEOPLE, MALES AND FEMALES LGBTQ! I need men and women to babysit me sexually and make me be their stupid fucktoy. I like to talk babyish about sex sometimes. I need a big strong man to own me. I want men to try sucking my hairless sissy-pee-pee. Most men, nine times out of ten end up sucking my sissycock and enjoy it intensely. Guys, just try sucking a cock, no one has to know, and i know men wonder what its like to suck a cock, its normal human nature, just repressed by societys standards and stigmas surrounding the male image and ego. Its all a manmade illusion, think freely, give yourself permission to explore the naughty unknown. You'll thank yourself for being real. I want to have sleepovers with couples and be byour submissive fucktoy. I'll fuck your husbands buttpussy and make his tube of sexmeat boune and wag until it gets stiffer and his boner pokes straight up with my sissyfag cock up his ass. I WILL do sexual things of ANY nature with you if I get to know you a bit. I like to submit to old men, I think its sexy to let them do perverted things to me. love all sex acts known to man, just about. I want to meet the sickest most twisted diabolical perverts I want to like each others pages and share filthy sex pics/vids with each other .AND I WANT TO SEE YOUR DICKS So I can praise their beauty and touch my swollen cock in my panties. Ill even write you cock-poetry about how prettyful your big fat COCK is. Please show it to me, I love obsessing over dicks, especially sexy dicks of men and sissy-gurls I dont know. Just staring at the naked dick, right in my face, making me touch myself and making my mouth water. Im here for porn mostly so I can add stuff to help you get your beautiful cock erect and help it ejaculate, because YOUR COCK IS MY GOD! AND ALSO: I want to suck cock, ill go somewhere with you to blow you until you unload your big round hot fucking balls down my throat, so I can swallow your prettyful , sexy white gooey hot load of fuckbabies. It''ll be our dirty secret. DIRTY LITTLE SECRET ABOUT MY BOYHOOD THAT I ILL EXPOSE IT BECAUSE THIS PAGE IS THE TIME AND PLACE TO EXPLOIT MY SEXUAL LIFE . IM A SHAMELESS DEVIANT SISSY FAGGOT-GURL, AND HERES HOW I GOT ADDICTED TO SUCKING COCK: I remember being a little boy. I used to go in the woods with my cousin, get naked, and suck his adorable little cock. The memories excite me because it happened a lot for a couple of years and so remembering it makes my mouth taste like his bald fleshy soft, squishy, spongey elephant trunk-looking uncircumcised penis. It looked like a little elephants trunk made out of penis flesh. Like a little ardvarks snout. How is that not just down right adorably amazingly cute? I remember it hanging obscenely staring me in the face when he wanted me to open my mouth for his slippery feathery-soft foreskin to glide between my lips, Id open my mouth to wrap my lips around his boyworm as he wiggled it inside my horny and curious mouth, and Id say: AHhhhhh!-..Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug...Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug..."Mmrphhh mmrfrm fmmrrf mrphhh mmrfrm fmmrrf!"Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug...And slobberd all over his naked balls as I was licking them. He sucked my cock too. Then we got other boys and my female cousin Amanda to get naked in my room, and in the woods after school and we'd suck cock and lick her pussy, and watch her sqaut and piss in front of us. THEN Amanda started painting my nails and putting makeup on me and I was more of a girl than a boy sexually. I was just like her, we were in it to suck cocks togeather more so than playing with her pussy, which was very cute too, but I was her gurlfriend and we shared cocks. True story. Thats why now I crave BIG FAT UNCIRCUMCISED COCK. AND WHEN I SEE AN ELEPHANT I GET HORNY BECAUSE OF THE TRUNK. I love my cousin for always letting me blow him even when he was busy playing video games.I love sucking the soft fluffy foreskin, and I worship the cum in a males balls, its powerful and magical, cute live spermies swimming in my tummy when COCK erupts and the BIG ROUND HOT FUCKING BALLS get unloaded down my throat. Its my yummy holy cummunion. COCK IS MY GOD, I OBEY COCK, I SUBMIT TO COCK,. I SING HYMS OF PRAISE WHEN I MOAN FROM COCK IN MY BUTTHOLE, MOAN IN PAIN AND PLEASURE LIKE A GOOD BABY GURL. KNEELING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS WITH YOUR PANTS PULLED DOWN IS MY CHURCH. 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Darana Shamer

Transsexual: 32y (Austria) 301.7k visits

54 videos - 4 favs - 186 photos

Atriz porno conocida mundial-mente. nacida en brasil e nacionalidades europea en mi tragetoria trabaje en varios países americanos sudamericanos asiáticos e arabe . afin de complacerte vuestros deseos . entre en mi pagina e desfrutess

Denisse Naima

Transsexual: 28y (Mexico) 32.8k visits

5 videos - 2 favs - 1 photo


Transsexual: 29y (USA) 122.2k visits

4 videos - 28 favs


Maya Shemale Milan

Transsexual: 37y (Italy) 16k visits

8 videos

Brazilian SHEMALE in Italy

Victoria Grey

Transsexual: 26y (Brazil) 39.7k visits

32 videos - 31 favs

Olá amores, fiz esse perfil no xvideos para compartilhar os meus deliciosos momentos de intimidade comigo mesma. Eu sinto um enorme tesão em ser desejada, e em imaginar que você está me assistindo e gozando para mim, pensar nisso me da um enorme tesão. Já deixo claro que não encontro pessoas daqui pessoalmente. Eu fiz essa página para dar asas a minha fantasia de me sentir puta, safada e desejada, é aqui que permito fluir o meu lado safada rs, e isso é terapêutico para mim, adoroo. Espero que gozem deliciosamente, beijos da Vic


Transsexual: 51y (United Kingdom) 9.8k visits

6 favs - 56 photos

Hi I am Vicky I am going to be a girl in 24 months time and I am going to being a girl and I wear women's dress all the time . I love wearing women's dress . I love it all it makes me so so happy . I do not like being a man . I do love having sex with woman only from 20 to 50 years old . I am very romantic too and love be with a sexy right woman now ? Love Vicky xxxx I will have sex with any girl but I will be in a woman dress if girl want to suck my cock ? Please email at Vicky. or skype me username vicky green 676 and I am on x Hamster .com my username Vicky green 870 love Vicky xxxxx ps I am looking for a girl can squirt in my mouth please help me with this ?


Transsexual: (Brazil) 166.7k visits

13 videos

Tgurl Stephaniley

Transsexual: 47y (USA) 10.5k visits

3 videos - 19 favs


Nauane Guimarães

Transsexual: 33y (Brazil) 337.2k visits

10 videos - 6 photos

Sou uma pessoa alegre e divertida. Adoro fazer um bom sexo, chupar um pau e um saco. Quem quiser pode me add e se inscrever aqui que serão todos bem vindos. Quero um macho bem gostoso pra me satisfazer e gravar vídeos aqui. Quem quer? Meu whats é: (65)992420496 - digam que me add daqui do XVideos pra eu saber, tá? .


Transsexual: 60y (USA) 7.3k visits

Hi I am Chrissy Michelle and I am a transsexual woman. I live it 100% of the time. My favorite hobby is photography. I live in Portland, OR. Contact me if you would like a smart woman to talk to.

Jay Jay Johnson

Transsexual: 30y (USA) 19.4k visits

6 videos

I’m a 29 year old chubby red head trans woman, I like girls, guys and otherwise. I’m a bottom but sometimes I like to verse and thrust my lady wood ?? I’m fun. Get to know me.


Transsexual: 24y (USA) 5.8k visits

2 videos

Shanel Tranny

Transsexual woman: 30y (Mexico) 13.2k visits

6 videos


Transsexual: 55y (USA) 17.9k visits

1 fav

Looking for guy that is really hung, super long. Come to my boat and work it down my throat and go to work on me. When you are satisfied that I can't take anymore turn me around and go balls in on my ass. ..want to take it all. Freek me out with a insainly long cock, if you come over my holes are yours to use. I am smooth sissy type, clean, safe and hiv-. As long as your cock is going to trash my holes then i don't care of your statis. My dark kinky side kind of wants to be freekef out as you hold my head ready to fuck my throat inform me your health statis is something other then faveralble then push it in my mouth. You have my permission in advance. Free pass to make me a dirty hore perminantly. Ok to have it videoed

Beky Transexual

Transsexual woman: 24y (Mexico)

3 videos

Soy una petitorio transexual de Ciudad de México.

Slovak Tranny Zuzka

Transsexual: 28y (Slovakia) 1.2k visits

2 videos - 1 fav


Transsexual: 47y (USA) 13.9k visits

1 fav

I am a cross dresser attracted to women only, not gay so men do not attempt to friend me or contact me..I AM NOT GAY!. I Have a high heel fetish and i love the way women can be so sexy.


Transsexual: 50y (Turkey) 3.8k visits

2 videos


Transsexual: 34y (Czech Republic) 249.3k visits

5 videos - 33 favs - 13 photos

Im young tranny (TRANSSEXUAL ). I love girls, women and t-girls.


Transsexual: 27y (USA) 7.6k visits

Hope in the future to be a trans porn star⭐️??Just began my transition and hopefully can use this to help fund it. I believe I’ve done a great job with the two months I’ve had. Still very new to everything sexual an I’m learning.. So many things i haven’t done and looking forward to checking that off. Live in Midwest of the great USA so if any would like to get together to make a video lmk or if you got an idea.

Esmeralda Sexxx

Transsexual: 35y (Mexico) 65.5k visits

7 videos - 12 photos

Actriz XXX, Modelo Erótica [PORNSTAR]


Transsexual: 24y (United Kingdom) 33.9k visits

I am 21 I am a post op transgender woman and i am single and wanting some fun


Transsexual: 38y (Italy) 104.1k visits

7 videos - 152 favs - 3 photos

CERCO CAZZI per FARE MIEI VIDEO. ok attivi, trav per lesbicare, donne troie. Ciao! Sono sempre in calore! Sono bsx pass insospettabile ma gran troia in privato; mi piace farmi montare indossando lingerie femminile. Cerco: - maschi attivi per sex, anche gang bang e idee fantasiose - trav/trans per lesbosex - coppie m/f per soddisfare entrambi DISPONIBILE X VIDEO e FOTO PORNO. Scrivimi a scrivix at mail dot com SCRIVIX é LA PUTTANA TRAVESTA PIU TROIA D'ITALIA Available for hardcore video/photo productions. SCRIVIX IS THE BEST ITALIAN TRANNY WHORE


Transsexual: 24y (Nicaragua) 9.9k visits

8 photos

AYTANA CLERK HERMOSA TRANSEXUAL VEN Y CUMPLE TODOS TUS DESEOS SEXUALES ARDIENTES, CALIENTES, MORBOSOS, FOGOSOS, EL MEJOR TRATO DISFRUTA DE UN MOMENTO INOLVIDABLE NO ESTES SOLITO EN CASA CON UN RICO SHOW VIRTUAL MMM TE COQUES VIÉNDOME, IMAGINÁNDOME EN TU CAMA Y MUCHAS OTRAS COSITAS . SI QUIERES UNA VÍDEO LLAMADA HOT ESTOY LISTA PARA TI BUSCAME EN SKYPE -> Skype: live:.cid.2e2bb9734a4d8566 . ✓ LOVERFANS __ __ . ✓ VIDEOS LLAMADAS HOT ✓ PACK DE FOTOS Y VIDEOS ✓ VIDEOS PERSONALIZADOS ✓ CHAT HOT PREMIUM . -> Skype: live:.cid.2e2bb9734a4d8566 . ( TWITTER - @FresitaClerk ) ( INSTAGRAM - @love_aytana ) . Ven! cumple tu fantasía conmigo, deja los tabúes y comprueba que se siente. Experta en principantes juguetona. cuido todos los detalles de nuestro encuentro para que sea ESPECIAL y ÚNICO. Me defino como una chica ELEGANTE, independiente, espontánea, ALEGRE, y muy, MUY NATURAL Soy una niña TIERNA, CARIÑOSA, DIVERTIDA, EDUCADA, DULCE, absolutamente DISCRETA en público y extremadamente divertida y extrovertida en privado. 100% FEMENINA...


Transsexual: 27y (United Kingdom) 81.6k visits

4 videos - 33 photos

Chaturbate Model natashaforyou known as Queen Sasha of the United Kingdom! The one and only TS Queen Award 2017! A Top Domme TS Girl searching for loyal good listening servant to satisfy her pleasures! Living in Oxford OX1 UK and searching for real things in my royal apartament! 5 castity cages and 30 pieces real good quality bondage! Just click on this link to can find me and all details that you will need to can kneel in front of me for REAL!

Zhanna Kimura

Transsexual: 22y (USA) 39.3k visits

32 photos

Please subscribe. Thank you! XOXO I'm a full-time student in Milwaukee who's had an interest in feminization for a couple years now. I'm training with MisterTrapDaddy in Chicago and he's helping get more in touch with my feminine side and teaching me how to do makeup.


Transsexual: 50y (Australia) 69.4k visits

3 videos - 11 photos

Add me on kik.. shelly_femboy Shemale escort Cairns Queensland


Transsexual: 24y (Italy) 8.2k visits

6 videos

horny transgender boy with big dickclit. I like taboo porn Français - English


Transsexual: 23y (Mexico) 118.5k visits

1 video - 1 fav



Transsexual: 36y (USA) 3.1k visits

13 videos

Fun and freaky trans gurl.


Transsexual: 28y (United Kingdom) 45.7k visits

5 videos - 6 photos

I'm Hollie, I'm transgender and always looking for some fun. Hit me up ;) xx


Transsexual: 21y (Chile) 11.9k visits

7 videos - 4 photos

Soy una chica tras de 20 añitos en busca de pasarla bien y ganar dinero Si quieres hablarme +56956617384 Vallan a mi Twitter que estaré subiendo más videos por ahi ?


Transsexual: (Mexico) 61.6k visits

28 videos

Soy una nena muy puta

Ttt 198020

Transsexual: 34y (Egypt) 58k visits

34 photos

I sara selem transsexual my old36 years i love sex femdom bdsm open anal fuck me hard


Transsexual woman: 42y (USA)

5 videos

I'm a trans mtf I love to suck and fuck I am a big girl because of my hormones.

La Nena Golosa

Transsexual woman: 30y (Mexico)

2 videos

Soy una chica transgénero que no me da miedo el éxito soy escorts y me encanta tener sexo ,e echo sexo en vivo no me dan miedo las cámaras,ni mucho menos el exibisionismo sexual,me encantan las pollas enormes que me agan deleitarme de placer ,soy muy cachonda me gusta gemir como una perrita en celo ,doy shows en vivo .

Ariana Tudela

Transsexual: 23y (Peru) 127.7k visits

19 videos

HABLAME..?? Solo si vas a comprar mis VIDEOS HOT? O El SEXX CAM? ? WHATSAPP.. 925143304?


Transsexual woman: (United Kingdom) 2.7k visits

3 videos

Hiya I'm Rebecca! I love all things girly and cute.


Transsexual: 52y (Poland) 37.9k visits

28 videos - 191 favs

Witam, już nie młoda, bardziej crosdresserka niż trans. Uwielbiam być kobietą. Uległa trans sucz, która wypnie swoje dupsko i da się przelecieć, i zrobi loda.Aktywna tylko w zabawach z kobietami. Z transkami i mężczyznami jestem pasywna i chcę być traktowana jak kobieta. Nie mam lokum. Seks:anal i oral- tylko w gumce. A tak całkiem serio to jeszcze nigdy nie spotkałam się realnie, nie uprawiałam seksu z inną transką czy mężczyzną jako Beata. Ja dotąd bawiłam się tylko w przebieranki jako CD, byłam Beatą w czterech ścianach mieszkania, dopiero niedawno pierwszy raz wyszłam w plener w przebraniu w dość ustronnym miejscu. Od kilku lat pragnę być trans kobietą, która chce zaznać przygody w realnych spotkaniach i być traktowana jak kobieta, uprawiać seks. Być ruchana. Nie jestem typowym facetem w rajstopach. Mam trochę ubrań, bielizny kobiecej, staram się ubierać i wyglądać jak kobieta. Tak mi się podoba i tak bym chciała się bawić: Pozdrawiam i całuję.?


Transsexual: 36y (United Kingdom) 14.7k visits

60 favs

bottom Black curve ts. loved huge cock


Transsexual: 34y (Ecuador) 61k visits

4 videos - 7 photos

Holaaaaa soy trans muy dulce pasiva y complaciente ando buscando un hombre para hacer un videito xxx avisen chau

Kethellyn Amaral Trans

Transsexual: 27y (Brazil) 6.6k visits

2 videos - 12 photos

Olá Me Chamo Kethellyn Amaral Sou de Guaraci-SP e Sou Travesti


Transsexual: 27y (India) 153.6k visits

7 videos

Kareemas Dildo Heaven

Transsexual: (USA) 7.7k visits

10 videos - 4 photos

I am very much into sex, I like a lot of it, almost all the time, I'm also very much into Anal toys, I love being dripping wet with oil while getting fucked good, I'm into multiple partners, so bring as many generous friends as you like, I love my dildos the bigger the better, and I'm a dick sucking master. My fantasy is to be gangbanged by at least 20 of the most beautiful and well hung transwoman in the world. I also want to be bukkaked. I get horny just thinking of all that cum in my mouth and sliding down my throat. So if you can get 10-20 beautiful tranny's to gangbang me (on camera) and get 30 or 40 or so guys and tranny's to Bukkake me please set that up ASAP immediately. be generous please.


Transsexual: 31y (Japan) 56.9k visits

20 videos - 17 photos

Momiji I love crossdredding.

Lucy Blowjob Queen

Transsexual: (Brazil) 5.8k visits

4 videos - 6 photos

The queen of blowjob .


Transsexual woman: 18y (Colombia) 7.5k visits

4 videos - 2 photos


Transsexual: 53y (USA) 23.8k visits

12 favs - 5 photos

48 y/o pansexual non-op transgender woman who just wants to live and enjoy life


Transsexual: 29y (Germany) 107.4k visits

6 videos

Dedicated to the inclusion of all rainbow people ? #transisbeautiful, transactivist, high-class-escort, webcam girl, blogger, porn actress and amateur producer Visit my website and connect with me on social media - picture galleries - videos - blog - social media links You can book my high-class escort services, purchase my underwear and various other offers (all upon personal request) I love to talk about your dreams, and let them become true

Bambi Christa

Transsexual: 36y (Finland) 4.6k visits

5 videos - 12 photos

as long as u message me in languages i understand, i will reply. i love chatting, ideas for pics and videos are welcome, especially if u format them as commands <3 basic stats: trans, bi and kinky! but also a total (no longer kissless) virgin and deathly scared of social interactions started hrt in september 2021, out socially mostly into D/s, feel free to ask about more specifics if ure interested. 35, 179 cm / 90 kg. a bit on the chubby side but working on it daily! have a master but encouraged to play

Dorota Tgirl Slut

Transsexual: 45y (Poland) 103.5k visits

10 videos - 150 favs - 28 photos

FEEL FREE TO LEFT DIRTY COMMENTS TO MY SLUTTY VIDEOS-IMPRESS ME AND I WILL ADD MORE:) ASWELL I DO MOVIES ON REQUEST Who am I? Convinced transgender person M2F Switch TGURL---Princess in day but horny slut in night Who I'm looking for? real meetings with couples bisexual, shemale,tvs/cds,ladyboys, ladies and guys who like tgirls/crossdress/tv/sissies I crave live as woman 24/7 with some good friendly persons : 1.with woman(FemDom) as 2 sexy girls friends(and meet up with hot guys 2.couple as threesome 3.BI/gay guy as couple I fantasies OF BUKKAKE ON ME AND BE USED BY GROUP OF HOT DIMINATING GIRLS WITH STRAPONS, I love receive cum tributes/cock tributes(bigger cocks better) to my pics


Transsexual woman: 30y (USA)

3 videos


Transsexual: 44y (USA) 76.6k visits

1 fav - 324 photos

hello hi my name is Stacy, I am a pre-op tranny. enjoy and wide variety of kinky dirty sex, I am in largo fl. looking to have sex with both genders. so if your interested let me know. I enjoy sex without condoms. golden showers, so much more.

Janny Costa

Transsexual: 24y (Brazil) 38.1k visits


Transsexual: 31y (USA) 36.4k visits

8 videos - 88 photos

Interested in WoW - Blood Elf Paladin Drums, Guitar & Vocals Tarot Sex & passion Massages MHz network programming Boobies

Trans Khatlyn Gloss

Transsexual: 30y (Brazil) 10k visits

25 videos


Transsexual couple: 40y (Mexico) 328k visits

16 videos - 22 favs - 48 photos

Hola papis/chicos/o sin intro, Soy una chica 100% pasiva muy esclusiva me encuentro ,en especial en el Hotel Xanadu donde nos podemos dar una buena encerrada y encamada. Soy directa y sin rodeos me encantaria complazerte y que sientas lo mas profundo de mi femenidad... que esperas ven a encenderla con tu virilidad !!! estoy segura repetiras. Llamame para acordar la hora y tu cubres el costo del Hotel (350), como buen caballero que eres y yo sere toda para ti.solo puedo miércoles chicos


Transsexual: 22y (USA) 9.3k visits

Nisha Ts

Transsexual: 28y (India) 152.9k visits

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Hi im nisha I'm a trans from will be pics and videos I upload..enjoy Nd have fun


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Hi, and welcome to my profil. Im a TS leaving in sweden. Im a horney slut need to show of thats all :) Ohh Im on hormones so got som small boobs to :) //Kisses Angie


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Sigam meu insta @clarinhanolasco

Alessandra Monroe

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Sexy Alessandra Monroe beauty escort


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Não estou mais atendendo. Obrigado pela atenção.


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Hi all I am Jayde a pre opp trans girl living in the UK


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Sarah Summerfield

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Hi I'm Sarah a pre op transsexual from West Sussex UK I'm married to a great wife. I love being videoed and having my photo taken


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Trying to become the woman I really am I am going to be a home show girl and be a little video slut


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Layane Dama De Paus

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Giselle Lgbtq

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I'm a slut from NYC ,love a girl with a long strap on to put inside of me


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Jeisa Rossi

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Hi crossdresser here.Im wierd kinky and loveable.I like girls not guys! I love soft skin round cheeks moaning and acting like a girl. I dnt have a big penis but i am diffrent and creative. Forexample I named my cock Misty, she is varry shy but loves to be pet. I have a giant thigh fetish and love touching myself. just want to meet open minded kinky ppl.